In the State of Hawaii, DBT is offered by Acceptance and Change Psychotherapy, a practice of affiliated clinicians located in Kaneohe.

We offer a comprehensive DBT program that is comprised of the following elements:

Individual therapy: Clients meet weekly with the primary therapist to problem-solve, review and practice newly acquired skills, deal with current crises, monitor progress and identify new goals.

Skills training group: Clients participate in a weekly 2-hour skills taining session focused on learning and practicing new skills in Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.

Telephone consultation: Clients are encouraged to make phone contact with the primary therapist during the week to promote skill generalization and to decrease the use of maladaptive behaviors in crisis situations.

Case consultation: DBT clinicians meet weekly for a structured case consultation in order to ensure adherence to the DBT model, obtain personal support, and problem-solve challenging clinical situations.


We are accepting persons for our waiting list.  Because, to our knowledge, we offer the only comprehensive DBT program in Hawaii (including all four elements listed above) the demand for our services is high and the wait for an opening can vary greatly. We encourage interested individuals to add their names to the list, but apologize for our inability to accept new clients as quickly as would be desirable.

Individuals interested in being added to the waiting list should complete the form on this page.